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Tracking the Timing of Natural Menopause Can be Used to Boost Overall Health

Researchers have determined that the mean age for women reaching natural menopause is now 49.9 years, an increase of 1.5 years since 1959 when the mean age was estimated at 48.4 years. Assessing the timing of natural menopause has grown increasingly important for health care providers in recent years. While researchers have linked longer reproductive life spans with reduced morbidity and mortality, there are potential health implications with both early- and late-age natural menopause. Additionally, understanding the timing of natural menopause can help doctors make important decisions relating to the use of hormonal contraception as well as appropriate treatment for perimenopausal and menopausal women. 

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Bioidentical Hormones – Hormone Optimization for Men and Women

Dr. Brzezinski is excited to share a recent presentation she gave on the health effects of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy in both men and women. She discusses her personal journey through hormone therapy, breaks down top myths surrounding hormones and hormone replacement therapy for both men and women. Dr. B believes you don’t have to settle for discomfort. Learn more about hormone optimization for your personal health goals in a consultation today.

Internal Medicine’s Holistic Approach to Treat and Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes remains one of the most prevalent chronic diseases in America, and the number of American adults diagnosed with the disease has doubled over the past two decades. As of 2018, one in 10 American adults—just over 34 million—had diabetes, according to the latest National Diabetes Statistics Report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Additionally, an estimated one in three American adults—about 88 million—have prediabetes. Of perhaps more concern, though, is that the vast majority of Americans with prediabetes don’t even know that they have it, according to the report. 

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