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Hormone Pellet Therapy Benefits

What You Need to Know About Hormone Pellet Therapy

No one can stop the steady passing of time or prevent the inevitable deterioration of our health that slowly emerges as we age. We can, though, moderate and impede this deterioration by practicing healthy day-to-day living habits involving diet, exercise, and avoiding substances and activities detrimental to good health.

Modern medicine also provides us with some tools to help us better maintain our health and feel more youthful as we age. As an internal medicine specialist whose mission is to help her Naples, Florida-area patients “age healthier and live happier,” Dr. Diane Brzezinski, D.O., is intimately familiar with all of the medical options that can help achieve this. Among them is bioidentical hormone replacement pellet therapy (BHRT), which has been proven to alleviate numerous symptoms caused by various aging-related conditions.

What is Hormone Replacement Pellet Therapy?

As implied by its name, bioidentical hormone replacement pellet therapy is a means for replacing hormones lost by our bodies due to aging. This age-related decline in estrogen and testosterone causes hormonal imbalance, impairing bodily functions. This results in numerous symptoms that affect day-to-day life. BHRT helps correct this imbalance and ease the related symptoms.

The therapy uses all-natural “bioidentical” hormones derived from plant sources. Our bodies can utilize bioidentical hormones more efficiently than synthetic hormones. They closely replicate the molecular structure of the natural hormones we produce.

“Pellet” therapy refers to the means of hormone delivery, with pellets inserted under the skin, ensuring a steady absorption of hormones to maintain consistent levels as needed. Typical oral and transdermal delivery of hormones often causes energy level and mood fluctuations because they cannot maintain hormone levels consistently as the body requires.

Does Hormone Pellet Therapy Work for Men and Women?

BHRT is an effective treatment for both men and women. Hormone imbalances caused by declining hormone levels affect both, though often in different ways. Older men typically experience declines in testosterone levels, while aging women are influenced mainly by reductions in estrogen, especially as a result of menopause. BHRT relies on a personal approach to deliver the hormones needed according to each patient’s unique hormone levels.

Health Benefits of Hormone Pellet Therapy for Women

While hormone imbalances in women are typically most associated with the stages of menopause, they can also arise as a result of hysterectomy, metabolic syndrome, adrenal fatigue, and thyroid disorders. BHRT can help ease many of the symptoms associated with all of these conditions and can also help:

  • Improve sex drive and performance
  • Ease depression, anxiety, irritability, and mood swings
  • Maintain bone density
  • Restore normal sleep patterns

Health Benefits of Hormone Pellet Therapy for Men

Hormone imbalances in men can cause a number of symptoms. A decline in sexual performance and libido perhaps proving the most worrisome. While hormone level declines in men are primarily related to aging, imbalances can also be caused by thyroid issues, post-traumatic stress disorder, and metabolic syndrome can also cause imbalances. BHRT can help ease many symptoms associated with these conditions, including:

  • Decreased sexual performance/erectile dysfunction
  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Anxiousness
  • Weight gain
  • Muscle mass decline

What is the BHRT Process?

Undergoing BHRT is easy and can be performed by a qualified healthcare provider, such as Dr. B., as her Naples, Florida-area patients call her. A physical exam and hormone-level testing helps to determine the correct pellet hormone formulation. The pellet is inserted via incision into the fatty tissue under the skin, with the insertion site only needing bandaging for repair. Once in the body, the pellet slowly dissolves, and the body absorbs the hormones as needed. 

Consult with Dr. B to Learn More

If you would like to learn more about BHRT and Dr. B’s holistic approach for maintaining optimal health while we age, you can contact her Naples-based internal medicine practice today through our easy online form, or by calling (239) 261-9990.