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Naples Physician Highlights the Benefits of Peptides for Overall Health, Specific Conditions

Peptide Therapy for Immune Support and More

Peptides have been getting a lot of buzz in the medical field lately due to recent studies pointing to their beneficial role in enhancing health and treating a variety of conditions. Public interest is also growing, as evidenced by increasing inquiries about peptides made by patients at Dr. Diane Brzezinski’s Naples, Florida internal medicine practice. Dr. B closely follows peptide research and offers peptide supplements as part of her holistic approach to patient treatment. In addition to recent research, Dr. B has seen first-hand evidence that supports peptide use. 

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Top Tips for Staying Healthy and Active at Any Age!

Top Tips for Staying Healthy and Active at Any Age!

Numerous blogs and magazine feature articles provide tips about how to stay healthy and keep active, but many of them fail to reveal the direct link between any level of activity and health. You don’t need a rigorous workout routine to increase your activity level– some of the smallest daily habits could have a lasting positive impact on your health. In fact, the link between activity and health tends to operate like a circle, as one of the top tips for staying healthy is to keep active, while a top tip for keeping active is to stay healthy. It should be simple, right?

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bhrt and weight loss metabolic syndrome blog

Hormone Therapy Can Help Treat Obesity Due to Metabolic Syndrome

More than 40 percent of all adult Americans are obese and over 34 percent of all U.S. adults meet the definition and criteria for having Metabolic Syndrome, according to studies by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Given that Metabolic Syndrome is linked to both hormone imbalance and obesity, hormone treatment may prove helpful in alleviating Metabolic Syndrome symptoms. In fact, a physician-supervised weight-loss program combined with hormone treatment could prove instrumental in balancing your metabolism, while taking pounds off the scale.

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Consider Bioidentical Hormone Treatment to Improve the Health of Your Aging Skin

Consider Bioidentical Hormone Treatment to Improve the Health of Your Aging Skin

Bioidentical hormone therapy is a core component of Dr. Diane Brzezinski’s practice. Dr. B has used hormone pellet therapy to treat hundreds of Naples, Florida-area patients who have experienced symptoms relating to low testosterone and menopause. Whether to boost levels of testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, or some combination thereof, patients typically report numerous benefits, including:

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symptoms of low testosterone

Do You Have Low Testosterone—10 Signs To Watch For!

Many ingredients go into the making of a man, but one in particular is responsible for building and maintaining many of the characteristics that make a man a man. That is, testosterone, a hormone and anabolic steroid largely responsible for the development of the male reproductive system and other male-oriented secondary sex characteristics. These secondary characteristics include muscle mass, strength, bone density, body and facial hair, and a deepening of the voice. After helping a boy grow into a man, testosterone continues to work by stimulating sperm production, maintaining the sex drive, and influences other elements of the body’s systemic functioning, such as maintaining muscle and bone tissue mass.

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