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Injectables and Fillers anti aging treatments in Naples FL

Cosmetic Injectables and Fillers

Dr. Brzezinski offers an assortment of cosmetic injectables and fillers for patients who wish to diminish the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and other effects of aging. These quick, non-invasive procedures can help to smooth away wrinkles, regain lost volume, and add a confident youthful glow to a patient’s appearance. If you are interested in setting up an appointment or a consultation, call (239) 261-9990 today.
Botox Cosmetic in Naples FL


Botox® Cosmetic injection is one of the best and most widely requested non-invasive anti-aging procedures available today. This treatment helps to eliminate the appearance of crows’ feet, frown lines, and furrows in the forehead area, leaving patients with a rejuvenated youthful glow. With procedures usually lasting around 20 minutes, Botox® is quick, very nearly painless, and the consistent, effective results it provides make it an ideal anti-aging solution for innumerable patients every year. If you’re interested in a Botox® treatment with Dr. Brzezinski’s office, call (239) 261-9990 today to set up an appointment.

Dysport Cosmetic treatment in Naples


Dysport® is a cosmetic injectable whose purpose is to eliminate frown lines while maintaining a more natural appearance. It specifically targets lines in the space between the eyebrows, minimizing their appearance but having the smallest possible effect on facial movement and facial expressions. Patients choose Dysport® for results that are pleasantly subtle, but still effectively rejuvenating. If you’re interested in a Dysport® treatment with Dr. Brzezinski’s office, call (239) 261-9990 today to set up an appointment.

Juvederm fillers in Naples FL


The Juvéderm® collection of fillers offers solutions to those patients seeking to restore lost volume and achieve a more full and youthful appearance. The collection features a number of products, each one designed specifically to treat a different problem area. Whether you wish to restore fullness to the cheeks, eliminate the appearance of parentheses and lines around the mouth, or add volume to the lips, Juvéderm® has a specialized filler for your needs. If you’re interested in a Juvéderm® treatment with Dr. Brzezinski’s office, call (239) 261-9990 today to set up an appointment.
Restylane Fillers in Naples FL


The Restylane® collection of fillers provides solutions for patients who wish to minimize the appearance of medium-depth wrinkles around the nose and mouth known as “laugh lines,” “puppet lines,” “marionette lines” and “smile lines.” Restylane® is also used for hand rejuvenation treatments, creating softer and more visually appealing hands, and in patients over the age of 21, this filler can be used to achieve fuller lips. If you’re interested in a Restylane® treatment with Dr. Brzezinski’s office, call (239)261-9990 today to set up an appointment.
Dr. Brzezinski believes that a person’s outside appearance is a reflection of their inward self-esteem. If you want to start looking and feeling your best, or if you have any additional questions and concerns, contact our office today.
pro nox treatment

Breathe Easy with PRO-NOX™!

Ease anxiety and discomfort with PRO-NOX™ self-administrated anesthetic. An inhaled gas mixture of 50% oxygen and 50% soothing anesthetic, PRO-NOX™ provides relief from pain and anxiety through the pain-receptor-numbing action of the anesthetic, while the oxygen allows you to breathe naturally.


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