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Diane Brzezinski, D.O. FACOI

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Ease Anxiety with PRO-NOX™ in Naples

pro-nox for cosmetic treatments
The thought of needles and lasers makes many people anxious and thus reluctant to consider minimally invasive procedures, even those which could improve quality of life. If this describes you, Dr. Diane Brzezinski is pleased to offer Naples, Florida-area women a revolutionary anesthetic treatment designed to provide short-term pain relief and reduce anxiety during minimally invasive procedures. This self-administered pain and anxiety reliever can smooth the way towards getting treatment you’ve long desired by taking the edge off of pain and apprehension.

An inhaled gas mixture of 50% oxygen and 50% soothing anesthetic, PRO-NOX™ provides pain relief through the pain-receptor-numbing action of anesthetic, which also stimulates relaxation and a sense of calm. The anxiety reducing component of PRO-NOX™ is further enhanced by the oxygen, which allows the patient to breathe normally, and by the sense of control provided by the patient’s ability to self-administer it.

PRO-NOX™ has Minimal Side Effects and a Short Recovery Time

Patients inhale PRO-NOX™ prior to a procedure to forestall expected pain and relieve any pre-procedure anxiety. Then, during the procedure, the patient can continue inhaling the gas as needed to maintain their comfort level and reduction in pain, all with minimal side effects and short-term recovery time. In fact, PRO-NOX™ clears from the patient’s body within 10 minutes and does not result in grogginess caused by most anesthetics. Most patients are typically able to drive themselves home and resume normal daily activities soon after using it.

Dr. B Offers PRO-NOX™ for a Variety of Procedures

Dr. B fully understands the anxiety that some patients may have with regard to many of the procedures she offers. As such, she is pleased to offer the pain-relieving, anxiety reducing effects of PRO-NOX™ to her patients for a number of different procedures, including:
nitrous oxide anesthetic

PRO-NOX™ is Thoroughly Tested and Safe

PRO-NOX™ has been extensively tested and safely used for numerous procedures conducted by medical professionals. While its safety profile makes it available to everyone, patients should always disclose pre-existing conditions, injuries and any current illness to Dr. B. Potential side-effects include headache and nausea, but these tend to be rare in occurrence and short lived in those who experience them.
Dr. B is intimately familiar with all aspects of women’s health and fully understands the anxiety that women face when considering clinical procedures, no matter how minimally invasive. If you would like to learn more about how this revolutionary treatment can reduce potential pain and anxiety that may result from some of the procedures she offers, contact our office today at (239) 261-9990.