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Menopause Relief


While menopause is a natural phase in every woman’s lifecycle, many struggle to manage the numerous symptoms that can emerge as their fertility subsides. Fortunately, women can turn to multiple relief therapies to help them navigate this transitional period more easily. In this comprehensive guide, Naples, Florida-based internal medicine specialist Dr. Diane Brzezinski, D.O. details the various relief strategies women can use to help alleviate menopause symptoms, empowering you to make informed choices that fit your unique needs and lifestyle.


Women can alleviate many menopause symptoms with hormone replacement therapy, which helps restore natural hormone levels lost during the transition. HRT has long been a cornerstone of menopause relief, and it has been highly effective in helping hundreds of Naples-area patients manage menopause symptoms.

In Dr.B’s practice, she focuses on providing patients with non-synthetic hormones through bioidentical (plant-derived) HRT. By supplementing declining hormone levels with estrogen, progesterone, and even testosterone, HRT helps relieve typical menopause symptoms. Let’s delve further into the benefits, potential risks, and other considerations associated with HRT to help you make an educated decision about its suitability for you.

The benefits of HRT, as recognized through research, include:

  • Relief from hot flashes and night sweats.
  • Decrease in mood swings, irritability, and anxiety.
  • Easing of vaginal dryness and painful sex.
  • Improved sleep patterns.
  • Increased energy and mental focus.
  • Enhanced muscle strength.
  • Boosted bone density maintenance.
  • Lowered risk of heart disease.

The benefits of HRT were overshadowed by a 2001 study that linked the therapy to breast cancer, blood clots, increased risk of stroke, and other health issues. However, follow-up studies identified flaws in the original research and have clearly established that HRT benefits outweigh potential risks. While HRT still carries these potential risks, they are not as severe as researchers initially believed, and they can be mitigated by following specific HRT protocols regarding dosing and timing of the therapy. Additionally, researchers have identified some pre-existing conditions that may elevate the risks. These include:

  • Blood clots
  • Cancer
  • Heart, liver, or gallbladder disease
  • Stroke
  • Unexplained vaginal bleeding.

Dr. B conducts a complete physical examination and assesses hormone levels before prescribing HRT to ensure its effectiveness and limit potential risks.


As a long-time holistic medicine practitioner, Dr. B knows that lifestyle modifications are pivotal in managing menopause symptoms. From adopting a nutrient-rich diet and regular exercise routine to managing stress through mindfulness and relaxation techniques, we’ll assess how these changes can help alleviate symptoms naturally and improve your overall well-being.

The healthier you are overall, the easier it is to manage your menopause symptoms. Maintaining a healthy weight, eating healthy foods, and exercising have all proven effective at reducing the severity and number of menopause symptom flare-ups.

Because hormone level declines can cause bone weakening, your diet should be rich in bone-strengthening vitamin D and calcium. A protein-rich diet helps preserve muscles and makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight, and plenty of fruits and vegetables may help mitigate several menopause symptoms. Try to include plenty of soy in your diet, as soy-based foods contain phytoestrogens, which mimic estrogen when consumed.

You should avoid consuming excessive amounts of caffeine, sugars, spices, alcohol, and processed foods, all linked to increased hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings. With studies indicating that smoking might cause early menopause and stimulate hot flashes, quitting should be a priority lifestyle change.

Combining your healthy diet with regular exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight and boosts overall health. Researchers believe that strength exercise can help ease menopause symptoms, while the stress-reducing benefits of some lighter exercise routines, like yoga and walking, also help control symptoms.


With a busy work and home schedule, you may find it challenging to adopt and maintain the various therapies that can help ease your menopause symptoms. With her holistic, whole-patient approach to assisting patients with their healthcare needs, Dr. B can help you strategize an effective menopause symptom relief plan. By partnering with Dr. B, you can discover whether you are a good candidate for HRT and determine which lifestyle changes provide the most promise for menopause symptom relief. Dr. B can help guide your nutrition and weight management efforts and may offer supplements and other therapies to optimize overall health and further help you manage menopause symptoms.


While menopause is a transitional phase in every woman’s life, you can mitigate its symptoms by adopting suitable relief therapies. With her own experience of undergoing premature menopause and years of work helping women alleviate their menopause symptoms, build your menopause strategy with Dr. B. Not only can Dr. B help you alleviate menopause symptoms, but her holistic approach will provide a noticeable boost in your overall health. To schedule an appointment at her Naples-based internal medicine practice, contact Dr. B’s office at (239) 261-9990.