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Enhance Your Intimate Moments and Vaginal Health with the O-Shot®

Over the past decade, many professional athletes have used platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to help repair musculoskeletal injuries, reduce pain, and speed up recovery times. Researchers believe that growth factors, proteins, and cytokines within the concentrated plasma stimulate cellular repair and support stem cell-induced growth of new tissue. While researchers have only recently begun unlocking the secrets behind PRP’s regenerative capabilities, initial research and anecdotal evidence suggest that the therapy is effective.

In fact, PRP’s apparent efficacy is no longer being examined solely in the sports injury arena, and PRP therapy has emerged as a novel treatment for women’s sexual health. If you’ve heard friends and colleagues reference something called the “O-Shot®,” “Orgasm Shot®,” or “Orchid Shot™,” with claims that it has significantly enhanced their libidos and boosted vaginal health, they are talking about a form of PRP.

And their claims hold merit, according to Naples-based Dr. Diane Brzezinski, D.O., who is among the first internal medicine specialist to offer the treatment to southwest Florida-area patients. Dr. B notes that while results vary by patient, her O-Shot® patients tend to experience a rejuvenation of vaginal tissues and a noticeable enhancement of sexual sensation, with many reporting stronger and easier-to-achieve orgasms. Thus, says Dr. B, the therapy’s name is warranted.


As the name implies, the O-Shot® is an injection of PRP that targets vaginal tissues for regeneration. Isolated from the patient’s own blood, the PRP helps stimulate the growth of new blood vessels, nerves, collagen, and elastin at the vaginal injection site area. This helps restore the vaginal health of women experiencing vaginal tissue thinning, reduced elasticity, and a decrease in natural lubrication. As the PRP helps repair tissue and improve function, women find that they experience more sensitivity and find it easier to respond to sexual stimuli. Dr. B notes that her patients report a wide range of O-Shot® benefits, including:

  • Stronger and easier-to-achieve orgasms
  • Ability to achieve vaginal orgasms
  • Enhanced vaginal and clitoral sensitivity
  • Ease of becoming aroused
  • Improved lubrication
  • Decrease in urinary incontinence
  • Enhanced vulva skin condition
  • Decrease in painful intercourse
  • Declines in lichen sclerosis and lichen planus symptoms

With widespread adoption in the medical field in recent years, researchers have identified more than 30 different cell-regenerating growth factors that help PRP treatment heal injuries and enhance recovery from surgery.


Dr. B offers her patients O-Shot® therapy as an outpatient procedure that causes minimal pain and requires no downtime. While blood drawn from your arm is processed in a centrifuge to separate the PRP from the plasma, a topical anesthetic is applied to your labia, clitoris, and vaginal g-spot area. Once the area is numb, Dr. B gently injects the PRP into the targeted areas, and the procedure is done. Patients can leave the office immediately and resume all normal daily activities, including sexual intercourse.

Potential side effects are minimal, with a sense of fullness in the vaginal area being one of the more commonly reported effects, though this usually goes away in a day or two. Some patients also report noticeable swelling and altered flows in their urinary stream, though this also subsides within a few days.


Dr. B reports that most of her patients experience vaginal and sexual health improvements within four days to a week, with some women reporting increased sexual arousal and sensitivity within 24 hours. Because the PRP stimulates new tissue generation over the subsequent months, patients tell Dr. B that they experience the most noticeable boost in vaginal and sexual health after three months. O-Shot® benefits can last from one to four years, and patients can sustain benefits by scheduling a follow-up O-Shot® treatment when noticeable effects start to subside. To optimize results, Dr. B might recommend combining the O-Shot® with diVa® laser vagina therapy.


To learn more about the O-Shot® or any of Dr. B’s holistic-centric treatments for optimizing female health, contact her Naples-based Internal Medicine practice today by calling (239) 261-9990.