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Menopause treatment in Naples FL

Consult With Dr. B to Help Resolve Menopause Related Issues

Menopause, that inevitable change of life that affects all women as mid-life decreases in estrogen contribute to myriad physiological changes that can affect the cardiovascular, genitourinary, and vascular systems, as well as impact the skin, bones, and mental well-being. Common physiological-related symptoms include hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, fatigue, weight gain, vaginal dryness, painful sex, and pelvic dysfunction, while psychosocial symptoms can include depression, anxiety, and poor body image.

Add to all these symptoms the likelihood of enhanced chronic pain, as medical researchers have recently linked menopause with the likelihood of exacerbated pain levels in a variety of chronic pain conditions, including back pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia. A study of the records of more than 200,000 women veterans determined that women with menopause symptoms were nearly twice as likely to also be experiencing chronic pain and to have multiple chronic pain diagnoses.

Alleviate Your Menopause Symptoms with a Holistic Approach

Naples, Florida-area women facing the challenges of menopause may want to consider consulting with Dr. Diane Brzezinski, an award-winning Internal Medicine specialist who has extensive experience addressing menopause issues. As a doctor of Internal Medicine, Dr. Brzezinski, or “Dr. B,” as patients call her, has been trained to address whatever problems a patient is confronting. She has dedicated years of study and research into the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a wide range of adult diseases and conditions. As part of her Internal Medicine practice, Dr. B. utilizes a holistic approach that treats the whole patient rather than specific symptoms and conditions. This holistic approach, which adds education and the promotion of healthy living habits to whatever traditional treatment might be needed, is well suited to address the complexities of menopause and its wide-ranging impacts on a woman’s health.

Hormone Therapy May Help Treat Some Menopause Symptoms

Within her holistic approach to menopause, Dr. B may suggest hormone pellet therapy, which releases all-natural bio-identical estrogen as well as testosterone into the body as needed. Depending upon the hormone level profile, which differs between patients, hormone pellet therapy may prove to be effective at relieving many menopausal symptoms. The small pellets, which are inserted into the fatty tissue underneath the skin, provide a smooth and sustained release of hormones into the body that helps patients avoid the “roller coaster” fluctuations in mood and energy levels that typically occurs with traditional oral and transdermal forms of hormone therapies.

Among potential benefits of hormone pellet therapy are:

  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Bone density maintenance
  • Improvements in sex drive and sexual performance
  • Relief from depression and anxiety
  • Easing of mood swings
  • Increased energy and mental clarity
  • Boost in muscle strength

To learn more about Dr. B’s holistic approach to helping women address their menopause issues and/or to learn more about hormone pellet therapy, contact Dr. B’s Naples-based Internal Medicine practice today. You can reach Dr. B through our easy online form, or by calling (239) 256-5992.