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Naples Internal Medicine Doctor Details Health-Boosting Benefits of ADK 10 Supplement

Naples Internal Medicine Doctor Details Health-Boosting Benefits of ADK 10 Supplement

There is certainly some truth behind the adage “you are what you eat,” and what one eats can and does influence one’s overall health. That said, what’s not eaten can also impact health, as deficiencies in nutrients can compromise optimal daily functioning of our bodily systems. Severe and ongoing nutrient deficiencies can even cause damage to these systems.   

As an internal medicine specialist devoted to treating the “whole patient” rather than just a specific condition, Dr. Diane Brzezinski monitors the nutrient health of her Naples, Florida-area patients and provides them with vitamin supplements as needed. While a healthy, balanced diet can provide all of the daily recommended intake (DRI) amounts for vitamins, Dr. B knows that many people struggle with maintaining such a diet. Additionally, Dr. B notes that getting the DRI can become more difficult with age, because our aging systems have a harder time absorbing some vitamins.

Dr. B Offers ADK10 to Support Bone and Cardiovascular Health

Dr. B has a range of supplements she relies on to help her patients optimize their health but tends to recommend ADK 10 very frequently. This is because many people struggle to maintain the DRI for its primary nutrient, Vitamin D3, and because the supplement also ensures the maintenance of Vitamins A and K2 DRI. Combined, the powerful supplement helps her patients maintain bone and cardiovascular health and provides a boost to the immune system. Dr. B also recommends the supplement to patients undergoing hormone replacement therapy, as the vitamin combination assists with hormone stabilization.   

The Role of Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is essential for maintaining our bodies’ metabolism of calcium and helps support proper cardiovascular function and related blood pressure, as well as encouraging weight loss. The vitamin ensures proper maintenance of bone structure and deficiencies in the vitamin can cause bones to lose mass, become brittle, and even lose proper shape. In its cardiovascular role, Vitamin D3 helps the body produce cytokines, which are instrumental in directing the body’s immune response.

Vitamin D3 is of particular importance in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare providers have observed that COVID patients who are deficient in Vitamin D3 are less likely to have a healthy recovery than those with optimal D3 levels. The vitamin is thought by many to aid in blocking the inflammatory surge that is caused by COVID-19. Vitamin D3’s anti-inflammatory properties have numerous other health benefits which reach far beyond improved rates of COVID-19 recovery.

Vitamin D3 deficiencies can be caused by a lack of sunlight exposure and by age-related declines in being able to absorb and process the vitamin. Aging kidneys are less able to convert Vitamin D3 into its active form and a number of diseases can inhibit the intestine’s ability to absorb the vitamin from food. Being overweight can also reduce the body’s ability to properly distribute the vitamin within the body. V

Vitamin K2 Works with Vitamin D3

Vitamin K2 is an important nutrient for maintaining bone structure as it works in concert with Vitamin B3 to regulate bone metabolism and in support of normal bone formation. The vitamin helps transport calcium from the blood to the bone matrix and its deficiency compromises bone structure and function. The vitamin is also believed to play a key role in helping maintain the elasticity of veins and arteries.

Certain prescription drugs and the long-term use of antibiotics can cause Vitamin K2 deficiencies, as can a poor diet and/or lack of healthy bacteria in the digestive system.  

Vitamin A Also Works with Vitamin D3 to Promote Bone Health

While Vitamin A deficiency is rare in North America, it is included as part of the ADK 10 supplement to maximize the efficiencies of the other two vitamins in the supplement. Vitamin A supports the ongoing process of skeletal maintenance in concert with Vitamins D3 and K2, with its roles of stimulating bone building cells to secrete bone mineralization proteins and helping with the constant remodeling of bone tissue to ensure the retention of bone density.   

Consult with Dr. B in Naples to Discuss Your Nutrient Needs

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